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Web tool for analysing customer bases and segments

Customer knowledge as the key to successful marketing

It goes without saying that any elaborately produced mailshot will be far less effective if the recipients do not belong to the intended target group. Multisource ANALYTICS helps you discover the right customers in your customer base for a particular sales pitch, or helps you obtain additional addresses which match the profile of a customer group. This means you minimise wastage, generate more response and have a positive influence on the purchasing decisions of your customers or prospective buyers. It is time to really get to know your customers!

Effectively prepare address material and present it in the best way possible

Use your own address list to create customer classes which you consider relevant and which, subsequently, are analysed with our web tool. By using Sinus Geo Milieus® from KünzlerBachmann together with a host of socio-demographic attributes and geoinformation, you can see the profile of the examined customer group at the simple push of a button. In addition, on the basis of the findings, you will be able to derive possible additional requirements and carry out direct, individual targeting. The results are structured and visualised – and can even be presented on a map if you want. In this way you have precise information to help you select the right recipients for the next marketing campaign. With ANALYTICS you can carry out cost-efficient and detailed customer segmentation at any time.

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Additional added value with further possibilities

«Everything from a single source» is still the motto of directoriesDATA and is one of the major advantages for you. With Multisource BASIC you have already laid the foundation for an address list that is updated on a daily basis. With the ANALYTICS option you enhance your customer understanding and therefore increase the effectiveness of your sales pitch.

If you want to add additional profile characteristics or remaining potential addresses of any size to selected addresses in your customer base via the existing Multisource interface, we also offer you extensive options here in cooperation with our partner KünzlerBachmann.

With special workshops and training courses we also help you to combine your data with the obtained additional criteria and Sinus Geo Milieus®, to understand and interpret the results, and to integrate the findings effectively in your marketing activities.

Personal advice

Find out how you can integrate Multisource ANALYTICS optimally, economically, efficiently and profitably in your company processes. Our professional team looks forward to hearing from you by email or phone.


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