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Covering the maximum possible number of relocation changes

Make sure you're always right up to date

As mobility increases, it is becoming more complex and costly for companies to keep their own address databases up to date. Over one million relocations per year pose an enormous challenge for companies and organisations. The Directories Multisource PLUS option now gives you almost 100% of the relocation changes available in Switzerland – all from a single source.

What we can do for you

A large number of relocation changes in Switzerland are recorded by several change providers, which leads to overlaps as well as exclusive changes. Until now, companies who are interested in changes of both types have had to sign contracts with different providers – a costly and complex way of working. Multisource PLUS now makes it possible for you to receive all relocation changes from a single source. What's special about this option: thanks to our service, subscribers can synchronise their own address database with changes from ourselves (Directories) and other providers via the existing Multisource interface.

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Value added for you

Take advantage of the added value offered by the Directories Multisource PLUS option to receive all changes from a single source. Now you will need only one interface with a standard format, and you no longer need to carry out any technical adaptations. Monthly availability is total and complete, so your administration is simplified and your costs optimised.

Personal advice

Find out about the best ways to integrate Multisource PLUS into your company with economical, efficient and profitable results. Our professional team looks forward to hearing from you by email or telephone


Product Information

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