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Efficient searches for returned mail

Reducing customer losses

Switzerland is on the move. Mailing invoices or advertising often reveals how many customers have relocated since they were last contacted. Naturally you don’t want to lose track – after all, it is much cheaper and easier to serve existing customers than to develop new customer relationships. By resolving the problem of returned mail, Multisource RESEARCH helps you do precisely this.

How does Multisource RESEARCH work?

You submit an electronic list of the return addresses to us. We employ up to three service levels to research these addresses that you have marked with the necessary processing details. The first stage involves searching various databases for the current address. In the second stage, a trained telephone agent will call your customer, provided a telephone number has been delivered or found. In the third stage, a request for information will be sent to the residents’ register office covering the last known domicile. Each dataset is assigned a results code after processing, enabling you to initiate the next steps.

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The benefits for you

The entire Multisource product line is built on a uniform data structure. So if you are already a Multisource customer, it is particularly easy for you to place research requests. But this is not a requirement. Whichever way, with Multisource RESEARCH we help to ensure that your post will reach your customers again in the future.

Personal advice

Find out how the use of Multisource RESEARCH can boost the efficiency of your enterprise. Our competent team looks forward to hearing from you by email or phone.


Product Information

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