Directories Statutory delivery of customer data to the emergency database

Mandate of Swisscom Directories Ltd

Since 2004, Swisscom Directories Ltd has operated the Swiss database for calls to the emergency services (police, fire brigade, ambulance and Swiss Air Rescue services etc.) on behalf of the universal service licensee Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd.

Emergency call database and your statutory obligation

The emergency call database is a single platform that enables reliable localisation of emergency calls on all telephony networks (fixed network, mobile, VoIP) and meets all the technical requirements set by OFCOM (see TAV SR 784.101.113/1.3 – the current version is available at

All registered telecommunications service providers (TSPs), VOIP service providers and VOIP telephony service providers are obliged on the basis of Art. 27 et seq. of the Telecommunications Ordinance (FDV; SR 784.101.1) to ensure that emergency calls can be localised.

Our solution for your data delivery

Your data will be carefully prepared and entered in the emergency call database, after which it will be accessible to the emergency services only. As a neutral agent operating the emergency call database, we ensure that your data is made available in compliance with the law and that it cannot fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

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As operator of the emergency call database, we offer a simple, standardised interface that is identical for all TSPs. You deliver your telephony customer data to your SFTP postbox on a weekly basis so that we can integrate it. In the event of disruptions or technical problems, a freephone help desk service is available 24/7.

Personal advice

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