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As a producer of regional commercial directories, take advantage of the reliable source of data offered by DirectoriesDATA. With over six million refined private and business listings for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, this directory data covers all requirements.

What we can do for you

Based on your requirements, DirectoriesDATA will supply the complete set of listings for your chosen locality and/or category, as you wish. The detailed and comprehensive data is delivered on a data carrier in photoset or ASCII format..

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Added value for you

For data delivery, a distinction is made between basic and follow-up listings – these categories differ in terms of their data content. A basic listing comprises the family name and first name, street and building number, postal code, place name and telephone number. This data can be expanded by adding follow-up listings: mobile number, fax number, email address and URL address.

Please note

The listings supplied must only be used for printed directories. Their use for online products is explicitly prohibited.

Personal advice

Find out how you can use the DirectoriesDATA service to produce your offline directories. Our professional team at DirectoriesDATA looks forward to hearing from you by telephone or email and would be happy to advise.




Product Information

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